I work from the studio each day, I paint, I draw, I print, I make.
No two days are the same, there is never an end game to a particular day, one day rolls into another.
Subject tends to be landscape driven, a recurring theme is one of containment, referencing  different forms of structure, either natural or man made.
I work on multiple pieces at any one time, some are small, some are larger.
Starting points vary, depending upon the success of the previous day.
Mark making is paramount, serendipity plays its role, informing as to which direction any particular work follows.
Certain pieces will move closer towards completion, while others will be over painted allowing the process to start again.

I enjoy the pairing of a painterly mark with a hard graphic line, forever seeking to find an affinity between the two.
A personal, reflective work emerges, referencing solitude, protection and shelter.